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As best as I see it, James Boles was the first full blooded Cherokee in our family (if I can verify our Jerry is the same Jeremiah in the Blake Carlton family.)

James Boles had at least two children... a son named William Boles and a daughter named Elizabeth Boles.

Elizabeth Boles married Abraham Warren. They had a daughter Mary Warren.

Mary Warren married Blake Carlton.

Blake Carlton and Mary (Warren) Carlton had several children, one of which was Jeremiah Carlton...who we think was our JERRY W. CARLTON who married HARRIET (Turknett) Yarbrough.

It is interesting to note that the father of James Bole is supposed to be "CHIEF" of his tribe in North Carolina.

Here is a transcription of the said document:


Cherokee Nation
Canadian Dist.

Personally appeared before me G. A. Jennings Dist clerk of Canadian Dist. Saike Spiltnose who duly sworn states that she was acquainted with Jim Boles, Johnson Boles, Wagner Bolels & Dangerous Boles, and knew them to be relatives of Chief Boles. They were my uncles. When I knew them or met them here, they stated that they had relatives back in Texas & I have reason to believe that Martha L. Brown was a granddaughter of James Boles.

Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 24th day of October 1894, (was striked through)
Sakie x Splitnose

William Headrick
Cal Musrat

Sworn to and subscribed before me
This 24th day of Oct 1894
G. A. Jennings Dist Clerk
Per, R.E. Blackstone Deputy


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  1. My DNA test of February 2017 proves that my DNA matches the DNA of other Blake Carlton descendants!