Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THANKS! To Rex Huba

Hey Rex!

Thanks for the package. I have quickly reviewed it all and still need to study everything more...but more importantly, I need to do tons of investigations.

I will have to confess that I am still wrestling with the believe that this JEREMIAH CARLTON is the same JERRY W. CARLTON that I have had in my records for years and years. Everything I have comes from two documents...1) is the death certificate of my Grandmother, Chrissie Carlton Wright and 2) the wedding certificate of my great-grandmother, Harriet Turknett/Yarbough/Carlton TO A JERRY CARALTON, Jan 17, 1885.

A third item that I have is the 1880 Montague Co, TX Federal Census: (Precinct 3)

Jerry Carlton (25) b. Alabama

It also stated that his father was born in Alabama and his mother was born in the same state.

The surprise was that this Jerry was shown on the Census to "BE MARRIED." I had never heard my great-grandfather to have a former family. But 5 years later my GGma Harriet Turknett/Yarbrough was married to a Jerry Caralton...and then in 1892 my GGma Harriet gave birth to a NEALY daughter.

The family story is that GGpa Carlton was hung as a horse thief...but that does not appear so, if he is the same person who is the brother of your great grandma Melissa Carlton Price. Your records show him to have died July 7, 1912 in Fort Worth.

If this works out to be absolutely true...my sister is going to be overjoyed! For nearly 60 years she has searched for an INDIAN CONNECTION. Old family stories have claimed about every female member of our family has a direct line to the Indian Nations. However, as a genealogist I have found no such connection. She does have one line JIM ROSS who she still claims is of Cherokee descent. I cannot find the link. But this CHEROKEE link will send her into a tizzy. She will finally have her INDIAN BLOOD...even if it is 1/32 nd!

I find it interesting that your GGma's husband, Mr. Price was a lawman. My GGpa Jerry seemed to be a little more dubious. The stories I have heard of him is that he was mean and hard to be around. He threw his baby daughter to the ground at one time.

My sister Ima Jean said that my Aunt Jossie and my Mom (Martha) never spoke kindly of their Grandfather Jerry Carlton...I guess their mother Chrissie Carlton Wright had heard too many bad stories from her mom, Harriett.

If what you say is true, that would have made him quarter Indian. Surely he would have known that his mother (Mary Warren) was half Indian. And that his grandmother, Elizabeth Boles was full blooded Cherokee.

I have searched for a couple of hours looking for a source of the dates of birth and death that seem to be listed for Jeremiah. I cannot find any source referring to BOLES or CARLTON.

Carlton, Jeremiah (1855 - 1912)
b. 19 DEC 1855 in Texas
d. 7 JUL 1912 in Ft Worth,, Tx
father: Carlton, Blake(1828 - 1911)
mother: Warren, Mary(*1826 - )

Carlton, Jeremiah (1855 - 1912)
b. 19 DEC 1855 in Coffee Co Alabama
d. 7 JUL 1912 in Ft Worth,, Tx
father: Carlton, Blake(1828 - 1911)
mother: Warren, Mary(*1826 - )

The pages you gave me showed some "endnotes" from the website submissions of GORNTOFAM.LLC, World Family Tree Vol 56, Ed. 1. I did a GOOGLE search on that and found the GORNTO family webpages...but there was nothing about BOLES or CARLTON.

The other endnotes listed "Little Family.FTW" My GOOGLE search was even more disappointing. No such LITTLE FAMILY with a BOLES or CARLTON family connection was discovered. This seems to be where the strong DATES seem to be coming from regarding Jeremiah's data.

At present I am only 80% convinced that my "JERRY" W. CARLTON is the same as your JEREMIAH CARLTON. The dates, and places of several events seem to be similar. Yet I am still in the speculative mood that both are the same.

I believe the proof will be in the death date and place. The July 7, 1912 date of death and the Tarrant County TX will be the place most proveable. I've got more comments but will end this session for now.

Your possible Carlton Cousin,

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